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tara πŸ’œ
how rare and beautiful it is to even exist

Made by Risa (@risaβ€μ€ν˜œ)

: about :

name πŸ’œ Tara
pronouns πŸ’œ She/Her
birthday πŸ’œ Mar. 4, 2000
major πŸ’œ Criminal Justice
kprofiles πŸ’œ Author
location πŸ’œ United States
mbti πŸ’œ INTJ-T
Official title πŸ’œ The Nicest Person On Earth

: likes :

kpop πŸ’œ Harry Potter
real madrid πŸ’œ Alice in Wonderland
dr. who πŸ’œ Ballet
kindness πŸ’œ Helping People
learning about crime πŸ’œ Video Editing

: dislikes :

Guns oranges
Rude People bigotry
Vomit math
Attention Seekers fakers
Hoaxers Immaturity
Barcelona FC Onryo

: favorite groups :

red velvet πŸ’œ Stray Kids
enhypen πŸ’œ Oh My Girl
IZ*ONE πŸ’œ Seventeen
everglow πŸ’œ Xdinary Heroes
itzy πŸ’œ Kep1er
fromis_9 πŸ’œ

: biases :
wendy πŸ’œ IU
lee know πŸ’œ Jungwon
Chaewon πŸ’œ Chaeryeong
Taeyeon πŸ’œ Jooyeon
The8 πŸ’œ Yeseo
Onda πŸ’œ Hyojung
Jiwon πŸ’œ Eunha
Jihyo πŸ’œ Moonbin